Brought to you by the 3rd consecutive partnership between WWF and FAIRTASTE,  these unique gift sets are created for companies and individuals who expect a gift to represent their value, corporate social responsibilities and a deeper meaning behind it.

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One meaning gift, three recipients

  • This thoughtful gift ‘goes’ to three joyful parties:  your gift recipient, small farmers in developing countries, and our mother earth

Conserve the environment

  • Many of the items are made with environmental friendly materials, such as Soy Wax Candle that doesn’t contain paraffin, WWF Corn starch pen that is 100% biodegradable, or a solar powered lamp that creates 100% renewable energy
  •  Fair Trade farmers are strictly prohibited to use harmful agrochemicals and GMOs . Instead, they go for environmentally sustainable farming methods that protect farmers’ health and preserve valuable ecosystems for future generations
  • We choose the least possible packaging material as possible. You won’t find any unnecessary big bows, decoration material or plastic wrapper. The gift cards, wrapper of the gift box are printing on 100% recyclable paper and soy ink

Sustainable Growth

  • Fair Trade enables farmers in developing countries to receive a fair, living wage, encourage them to make a living on their farmland instead of abandoning the land to work as cheap, unskilled labor in the city (which contributes to many of the urbanizations), and to grow with the least environment impact

Meaningful cause

  • 50% profit from the gift set will be donated to WWF Hong Kong’s conservation efforts, including tackling the effects of climate change and much more.
    The proceeds of the gift will go towards the support of Fair Trade and sustainable development in Hong Kong.