All FAIRTASTE Fair Trade, Organic Coffee are 100% Arabica, a guarantee for superior quality while made with conscience.

100% Guatemala  –  Full body . Syrupy acidity and fruity, bold with a pronounced aroma of cocoa
100% Nicaragua –  Medium body .  Gentle acidity, aroma of barley and herbal flavor.
100% Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia  –  Light body .  Fine acidity, sweet and floral aroma, delivers a taste blend of sweet, floral and muscatel, long aftertaste.
FAIRTASTE Fair Trade Espresso Blend – Our signautre house blend,  it tastes stronger and is ideal to be used to make different kinds of espresso based coffee such as Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha.

–       Fair Trade Certified
–       Organic
–       Roasted freshly in Hong Kong every week
–       High quality premium Arabica beans, all hand-picked
–       Short supply chain to reduce exploitation from middlemen

The longer timeframe required for the beans to ripen is key to Arabica’s rich aroma and delicate taste.  Growing Arabica beans requires extra care as the species is more vulnerable to attack by pests, and the ripe Arabica cherries must be carefully monitored and hand-picked at intervals before they fall to the ground and spoil.

Fair Trade prohibits the use of harsh and harmful pesticides.

All FAIRTASTE Fair Trade, Organic Coffee are grown with natural fertilizers to ensure environmental sustainability. This also enhances soil quality, resulting in higher yield and avoid polluting the environment and food chain.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade  puts strong emphasis in local community’s development. For instance, the Fair Trade Social Premiums from the sale of FAIRTASTE coffee from the Negele Gorbitu co-operative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia contributed to the construction of a local school. That means 550 local children no longer needed to travel 10km in each direction everyday just to go to school.