This clean, eye-catching eco-friendly jar collects sun!  Just place the Sun Jar in sunlight for a few hours to recharge it and then watch as it glows and changes through 7 different colours when it gets dark. It’s the ideal solar powered replacement for candles and electric powered lighting. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Special features of the Sun Jar:

  • 7 Colour light
  • lights up with a solar powered lamp inside
  • simply place in sunlight to recharge
  • up to 8 hours light when fully charged
  • frosted surface
  • water tight – a perfect balcony or garden light
  • warm light – a great night-light for a child’s bedroom
  • a safer, more environmentally-friendly candle replacement
  • can be turned off at night to conserve battery life
  • WWF logo
  • Measurements: 16cm high x 10.5cm wide